Disaster Recovery Plan

Betacom has a long history of providing Disaster Recovery support to Wireless Carriers. Beginning with Hurricane Andrew in 1992, Betacom established itself as a leader in this field in the South Eastern United States.

Whether it’s repairing damage to sites caused by storm, deployment of portable generators or deploying temporary cell sites on a moments notice (COWs), Betacom can handle the challenge.

Betacom has the ability to Project Manage complete restoration efforts. During the recent storm season, Betacom acted in this role for Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, and received high praise from it’s customers for the job done.

Responsibilities may include; Site assessments and repairs, generator storage and / or deployment, fuel storage and distribution, and overall site maintenance. As well as having the ability to provide temporary lodging, mobile laundry, kitchens, and pantries for our clients.

Our staff is also trained to take measures to secure construction sites as needed to protect against approaching inclement weather.