Distributed Antenna Systems

At Betacom, designing and installing state-of-the-art, in-building wireless Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is only a part of the “turn-key” services that we provide our customers. Our in-house Professional Services team combined with a team of Project Managers, RF Designers, and Technical installers to providing an end-to-end in-building wireless solution. Betacom has been working with many of the major carriers the past 20 years. These long-standing relationships have allowed Betacom to understand our client’s needs, allowing us to offer complete turn-key solutions that maintain continuity between the market demands and technological needs as they change. We have been able to leverage this experience, which allows us to deliver the highest level of customer service, ensuring an efficient, reliable and well designed and installed solution. Betacom’s project managers closely coordinate all project details, including head-end equipment room, fiber and coaxial cable pulls, and DAS component installations to minimize any disruptions to the facility’s operations, and to adhere closely to facility installation and procedural guidelines

Our in-house DAS project services focus on the following primary services:

  • DAS and Headend Equipment room Design and Installation
  • DAS Design and Installation (using iBwave software)
  • Systems Operations,
  • Maintenance and Administration.