Site Development & Design

Professional Services

From the beginning we have made it our goal to deliver comprehensive, end to end solutions for companies providing telecommunications and wireless services. Our consulting, design, construction, installation, repair and maintenance services are highly customized to meet your specific needs. Our years of in-house experience, and full range of services and capabilities make us uniquely qualified to handle all aspects of the most challenging projects. From project inception, through property acquisition, design and construction, and even beyond project completion and occupancy, Betacom provides valuable services that demonstrate our core belief in serving the client by doing “whatever it takes”.

Project Management

Every successful project begins with good up front planning, followed up with experienced project management. Our Project Managers are experienced at defining the scope of the project, leading the team, and tracking the progress through completion. Our in-house design and construction services also allow our managers to be involved in a project from initial design through construction completion. At a minimum we expect our project management services to cover the following:

  • Project pre-planning meeting to establish benchmark deliverables, and critical team roles
  • Coordination of all site meetings and existing site conditions
  • Verification of existing zoning and / or permit process
  • Design and municipal approvals coordination
  • Engineering coordination as required to meet minimum facility standard
  • Utility coordination (including connectivity of fiber and power)
  • Coordination of geotechnical, Surveys, etc
  • Tower, and equipment management
  • Construction completion and closeouts
Site Acquisition

Our local teams have intimate knowledge of the current telecommunication environment.

A more detailed scope of services includes:

  • Search Ring Analysis
  • Zoning Analysis
  • Site Review / Identification
  • Site Acquisition Information Package
  • Evidence of Title / Title Review
  • Feasibility Walks / Design Visits
  • Lease Exhibits
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Lease Agreement Negotiation
  • Lease Amendment Negotiation
  • Entry & Testing Agreements
  • Co-Location Agreements
Architectural / Engineering Design Services

Our in-house design team is constantly striving to find the “right” solution to every problem, seeking to ensure that the delivered designs address project concerns in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Betacom’s goal is to provide services to our clients that meet the varied requirements of each project in a manner that is innovative and creative, combining solid design input, technical expertise, and exceptional customer service. We have over 30 years of combined experience providing quality, efficient design solutions for a variety of project types. We can coordinate your project from its initial inception through programming, pre- design, design, construction documentation, construction administration, project close-out, and post occupancy.

With over 15 years of telecom design experience, knowledge, and education and insight into our client’s needs, ensures that all design aspects of your project are properly coordinated to ensure the ultimate success for every project. Services include capturing the design information, assessing the existing site and designing for present project as well as future site development.

We offer Architectural Services for all project types. The following menu of services are offered as standalone services for a particular part of a project, as comprehensive packages governing the entire project from start to finish, or as any combination of services that meet the needs of the client.

  • Master Planning and Programming
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Pricing & cost estimating
  • Construction Documents
  • Bidding and Permitting Support
  • Construction Phase Services

A more detailed scope of services includes:

  1. Attend initial site visit to familiarize our team with all site features, to ascertain tower and shelter requirements, and to investigate and discuss potential tower, electronic, telco and cable routing alternatives.
  2. Prepare an initial schematic sketch for approval by owner. The sketch consists of a plan view showing proposed tower, and shelter location, and proposed transmission line routing from shelter to tower. It should be noted that the structural or electrical feasibility of the site design may necessitate modifications to this preliminary plan at a later point in the design.
  3. Attempt to locate all necessary “As-Built” drawings by working with the owner, existing architect, and appropriate County microfilm department as necessary. Visit the site to perform field measurements and evasive testing as necessary to gather the required information.
  4. Prepare and issue a set of architectural, structural, and electrical drawings required to obtain a permit, bid the work, and construct the site.

At a minimum, the design documents will include the following:

  • Telco and utility cable routing from feed point to cabinets.
  • Shelter or Cabinet structural support slab.
  • Coaxial cable routing and cable support from cabinets to antennas.
  • Antenna mount design (Typical of the on the shelf mounts will be used on towers whenever possible).
  • Technical specifications for above in the form of notes on the design drawings.
Structural Engineering

Services ranging from the simplest tower analysis to a turnkey modification Our Tower Analysis services can be utilized on an individual basis or are available as a full package of services.

  • Engineering Opinion Letters
  • Analysis reports for existing towers
  • Modification designs
  • Design Services
  • Mapping services
Stealth Design

As with all of our Professional Services, Betacom offers our clients options for their telecommunication needs where standard solutions are not acceptable. Our goal is to provide aesthetically pleasing and functional solutions to programmatic needs while staying within the budget. We have been successfully working with property owners, telecommunication providers, and local municipalities for years. The end result always ends in a solution that serves all parties. Whether it is to hide a tower, or conceal antennas and equipment on a rooftop, our approach to Stealth Design projects is always the same. By first identifying the goals set forth by the carrier, building owner, and municipality, we can then develop a creative, viable solution that is acceptable to all parties. The menu of services that we provide for Stealth Design Solutions can be provided on a “stand alone” basis or be included as part of a comprehensive package of services, depending on the needs of our clients and the project.

  • Interpretation of municipality requirements
  • Preliminary design
  • Line-of-sight analysis
  • Photo simulations
  • “Stealth” concealment design
  • Rooftop structural analysis
  • RF Passive material coordination
Municipal Approvals

The scope of work for municipal approvals involves performing the necessary tasks needed to obtain zoning approval. These include:

  • Investigating the zoning requirements.
  • Establish contacts within the jurisdiction.
  • Produce and submit zoning package (plans, applications, exhibits, etc)
  • Attending zoning hearings as required.
  • Contacting planning department to obtain the necessary zoning approvals.

The scope of work for permitting includes the following:

Obtain all local ordinances and forward to the A/E design team.
Meet with the local building department in advance of the A/E design as required to obtain input on the design to minimize the permit application process.
Take receipt of the A/E design and complete the necessary documentation to file for the building permit, including payment of the permit fee.
Contact the building department to expedite the permitting process.
Respond to all permit requests and make the necessary changes.
Secure the building permit and deliver to contractor.

Surveying and Site Audits

Surveying services will be provided to the FAA’s Requirements for 2-C surveys or 1A as required, for all new tower sites. Survey documents will have a signed, sealed, stamp indicating surveyor name and registration number for the respective date clearly placed on each document. We will perform and/or furnish survey documents in accordance with the following and indicate items on survey documents as appropriate:
CAD Services

How well we communication of our designs is as important as the designs themselves. We use the latest CAD and IBWave software to generated initial design, and construction documents that are thorough, accurate and concise. We specify materials and techniques that mitigate construction site confusion and make for smoother running projects.
Construction Management

Scope of work involves all necessary tasks required to manage the site from completion of construction documents through final customer’s site acceptance and can best described by the following:

  • Coordinate the purchase and delivery of all owner provided construction material (i.e.: antennas, coaxial cable, towers, etc.).
  • Coordinate any and all contractor field queries, issue change orders, and authorize payment requisitions.
  • Attend final punchlist inspection with field manager, and coordinate completion of punchlist items.
  • Deliver closeout package for final site acceptance documentation (as-builts, certificate of completion, contractor release of lien, RF survey results, etc.)


Installation and MW Pathing Procedures

Betacom has completed installations of the various types of MW equipment for several markets in Florida, and as such has gone through extensive manufacturer training. Specific certifications will be provided prior to pathing commencement for actual individuals performing the work.

Before the installation crews commence work, they will undergo a series of training classes that are used to assure that each member of the team is familiar with the Scope of Work as well as the requirements for each piece of equipment installed.

Betacom uses (2) two men crews to path a hop, which includes quality review, troubleshooting and dish alignment using state of the art equipment shown on the equipment list herein. A checklist is used to assure compliance to client and manufacturer tolerances.